Southern Heights Elementary School
11249 14th Avenue South Burien, WA 98168



Southern Heights is proud to provide our students and families with a variety of enrichment opportunities.

Camp Waskowitz -Every year, our 6th graders take a weeklong trip to Camp Waskowitz!

Band & Choir - Our school is lucky to have an amazing music program. All students attend music class each week and band or choir is offered to grades 5 and up. 

Physical Education - All students at our school attend physical education each week. They learn about our bodies, play new games and exercises, and work on team sports.

Blended Technology - Through a grant attained by our school district, our school provides all students with an hour of computer time each week. Students work with DreamBox, STMath, or Math Wizz, which complements their normal mathematics instruction.

Student Council - Our school has an active student council that provides our students with fundraising events to help people in need, school spirit days, and many other activities!